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When there’s a power outage, it’s a huge disruption. It’s inconvenient and can also be dangerous. In addition to having no lights, if the power outage is prolonged, the food in your refrigerator could spoil. If your sump pump isn’t backed up, your basement could flood leading to water damage, mold growth, and costly repairs. But, you can keep your family and property safe during a power outage in Glendale Heights when you install a home backup generator. Indoor Comfort carries a large array of Honeywell and Generac Generators that will run seamlessly to power your home during an outage. Furthermore, we’ll recommend a home backup generator that will pair perfectly to your home’s energy needs.

During a power outage, lighting, hot water and HVAC comfort are all cut off. A home backup generator will protect your home by keeping everything operating as it normally would. These innovative, powerful units automatically power on when a power loss occurs. The options are plentiful depending on the type of the generator you choose to have installed. You can choose a smaller model to power either certain appliances or a larger model to power the entire house. The pros of a backup home generator cannot be understated. The list below provides a few reasons why a backup generator will be a welcome addition to your home.

  • Simple to use. – Startup and shutdown is entirely automatic. You don’t need to drag out a portable generator and hook everything up. 
  • No need to refuel – A home backup generator draws its power from an existing fuel source, such as natural gas or propane. You won’t have to keep it full with a gas can. 
  • You don’t have to worry about fueling the unit because the generators will keep the power going until utility has been restored.

At Indoor Comfort, we provide expert recommendations from our knowledgeable professionals. We carry some of the best products available and offer prompt generator installation in Glendale Heights Illinois.

Stay safe with a professional backup generator installation in Glendale Heights!

At Indoor Comfort, we are experienced at installing Honeywell and Generac home backup generators. These powerful units generate consistent, dependable power in the event of a power outage for homeowners in Glendale Heights IL. Our experts will evaluate your home’s size and energy output to find a unit that will generate safe, continuous power. Home backup generators operate quietly, are reliable, and allow for the resumption of regular home electricity usage. Regardless of whether the power outage lasts for hours, days, or even weeks, your home backup generator will power through power failures.

With over 15 years of service, Indoor Comfort has the training, equipment, and hands-on experience you can count on. Contact us and we’ll thoroughly discuss the best home backup generator solution that will meet your home’s needs in Glendale Heights.

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