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 There are lots of different systems out there, and each one can make your head spin as to what is right for you. Indoor Comfort is here to help. Our expert technicians can help you get the right furnace or boiler for your home, help with your furnace installation or boiler installation, and complete any furnace service or boiler service that you need.

Heating System Repair, Service and Installation Available in Rolling Meadows Illinois

WIth Indoor Comfort you can expect to get the best heating solutions for your home or business. Our expert staff are available for the installation, repair, and clean and checks of the following heating systems:

Gas Furnaces
Electric Furnaces
Heat Pumps
Ductless HVAC
Geothermal and More!
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Heat Pump Systems Rolling Meadows

A heat pump is a unique system in the fact that it can switch between heating and cooling quickly. This means in those transition months during fall and spring you won’t have to use the heat at night, and AC during the day. Heat pump systems transfer heat rather than generate them, which means you won’t have to worry about hot surfaces, fumes, or danger of carbon monoxide. Heat pumps provide excellent air filtration and dehumidification capability, and won’t overly dry air during heating mode. Heat Pump Installation in Rolling Meadows is important and should always be done by a trained heat pump specialist.


Home Boiler Rolling Meadows

Before heated forced air was used to heat homes, a system using steam was invented to warm homes. This system had a central boiler that was heated using oil, gas, or coal to boil water into steam, which was then sent around the home using pipes to fill radiators. Homes that use this system are easy to identify as they have large metal coils in each room of the home. Because of the popularity of forced air systems for both heating and cooling, radiators are not as popular as before, but boiler systems are not gone. Modern advancements and design have adapted the heating system to use baseboard radiators to heat homes. These are placed along the bottom of walls to have less of an impact on a room’s design than traditional standing radiators while still providing warmth to a room. Unlike forced air, radiators have the added bonus of continuing to give off heat after the system has turned off, allowing for a slower temperature drop in a room.


Home Furnace Rolling Meadows

A furnace is the evolution of an old heating system, fire. Originally just a pit in the middle of the room or set inside a stone fireplace. People originally heated their homes by burning wood to generate heat. Over the years people developed safer ways of containing the fire by putting them in stoves that they also used to cook. The problem with all of these methods is that they only heated one room of the home and left the rest cold. A furnace was the solution to those problems. Heating air and then delivering it to the different rooms of the home meant that there was no more need to maintain a fire in each individual room to stay warm. Modern furnaces typically use gas to heat the air and are more efficient than ever. This means that you save money while staying comfortable all winter long. The next advancement in home heating technology is the electric furnace, which uses electricity to generate the heat that is delivered to your home.

Home Heating Maintenance Rolling Meadows

One of the easiest ways to prevent a problem is to have your furnace, boiler, or heat pump maintained once a year. Maintenance will keep your home heating system running at peak efficiency, replace worn parts, and help save on repair costs. There is no drawback to making sure that your home heating system is running properly, and with a service plan you can save even more. So before your furnace, boiler, or heat pump goes bad, be sure to give us a call.

Home Heating Repair Rolling Meadows

No matter what system you have, when it breaks down, you need to have someone come out and fix it. While modern heating systems are made using strong materials and quality manufacturing techniques, there is no perfect product. Defects are one unforeseen complication that can happen in any product. Time is another factor that can cause problems. Older furnaces can have parts that wear out or fatigue over time. This makes having one company that can handle all types of heating systems important. Here at Indoor Comfort, our trained technicians can handle all major makes and models of furnaces and boilers. We can help fix your existing home heating system so that you’re not left in the cold this winter.

Professional HVAC Company Rolling Meadows

Our customer service policy of excellence has helped us earn recognition by Carrier so that we are a Carrier Authorized Dealer. This also means that we can get you the right Carrier Furnace for your home. This focus on excellence has also allowed us to win for multiple-year Carrier President’s Award winner, the highest honor given to Carrier dealers. This is how you know Indoor Comfort is a company you can trust.

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We have been the gracious recipients of the Carrier Presidents Award for several years now. Through our hard work and dedication to quality services to everyone in the Chicago area, we have garnered a reputation that we are committed to continuing: Providing the best home comfort services at the fairest price in Chicago and the surrounding areas.


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