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Furnace Repair Service in Naperville, IL

Looking for a dependable Furnace repair company local to the Naperville area? Look no further than Indoor Comfort, we offer SAME DAY SERVICE. For well over 18 years local residents have come to rely on us for their home and business’s heating solutions. Let our specialists ensure the safe, reliable, quiet, and uninterrupted operation of your gas or oil furnace.

Indoor Comfort employs the best technicians who are continuously training in the best methods of repairing air conditioning units, air conditioning heating combination units, and overall HVAC units regardless of make or model! Relying on Indoor Comfort for your HVAC company you are also relying on:

  • An A+ Rated Business With the BBB 
  • A Business With 4.5 Stars on Google
  • Over 15 Years Experience Working On All Makes And Models
  • On-Time Service And Quick Repairs
  •  A 5 Star Rated Business on Facebook

Don’t leave your home’s heating needs to chance,  call 630-381-0645 and let the HVAC professionals at Indoor Comfort provide for your Carrier Furnace repair needs:

  • Furnace maintenance and inspection-Having a furnace expert check and clean your furnace annually can save you money. Our technicians work to identifying potential problems before they happen.  Schedule this in late summer or early fall so you’re not left out in the cold.
  • No heat-No heat at all can be caused by problems with the thermostat, the power, gas or the pilot light. Our team will do a full inspection to isolate this issue.
  • Noisy furnace– If you are experiencing a loud furnace please note that this is not normal.  Sounds such a rumbling, squeaking, and rattling are indicators that something is malfunctioning in your system.
  • Blower that seems to run continuously-If your furnace is set on auto and yet runs continually even after checking your temperature and fan setting, there may be an issue with the blower switch or the wires connected to the thermostat.
  • Thermostat issues-You’ve checked the battery, made sure that the system is set on heat and it still doesn’t seem to work. The thermostat may be faulty.
  • Ignition and pilot light problems– Call us in the event of a defective ignition switch or a pilot light that won’t stay lit.
  • Issues with natural gas or propane-Always have an expert check out these concerns for your own safety!


How to Choose the right Furnace for your home or business

There are 2 types of furnaces you can have in your home or business; a gas furnace or an electric furnace. Our technicians will work with you to determine which type would best serve your needs. Additional factors our technicians will go over with you include: calculating your heating needs based on the size of your home or business, the design and layout of your home or business, your efficiency goals, and more. Today’s furnaces are more efficient than ever and combined with programable thermostats offer you ways of saving money on your heating like never before. During this time our technicians will also discuss with you furnace maintenance, tune ups and inspections, air filters, as well as check for wasted fan energy.


Gas Furnace Repair, Service & Installation in Naperville

Whether you already have a gas furnace that you just need maintenance or repair for, or are looking to install a new gas furnace the experts at Indoor Comfort are here for you. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Indoor Comfort follows strict service procedures, relies on genuine manufacturer’s replacement parts, and handles warranty requirements.  What are the benefits to a gas furnace? If your home currently has access to a natural gas line that a gas furnace is a great fit. Why is it a good fit? There a two good reasons that homeowners love having their gas furnace. First, natural gas is a considerably less expensive energy source than electricity, and a gas furnace will cost you less to run each month. Second, a gas furnace provides a powerful level of heat that can overcome even the bitterest chill.

Call on Professionals for Furnace Repairs!

You shouldn’t attempt to make any repairs to a broken heating system on your own, or look to a non–professional to tackle the job. With furnaces, this is especially important, as the potential for injury is high when amateurs tamper with one of them. A gas furnace can develop carbon monoxide leaks or even the threat of combustion if cared for wrong.

Even leaving aside the safety issues, furnaces are too complicated for anyone without proper training to handle correctly. If you want the heat from your failing or failed furnace restored to you fast, make sure that you contact our team. We’re NATE–certified so you’ll know you’re receiving the best, and we offer 24/7 response.

Contact Us When You Need Furnace Services in Naperville, IL

In addition to installing, repairing, and replacing furnaces in Naperville, IL and the surrounding areas, the experts at Indoor Comfort also provide a rewarding maintenance program tailored to your exact requirements.  

No matter what service you require for the furnace in your home, we’re the HVAC company in Naperville Illinois you’ve been looking for.

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We have been the gracious recipients of the Carrier Presidents Award for several years now. Through our hard work and dedication to quality services to everyone in the Chicago area, we have garnered a reputation that we are committed to continuing: Providing the best home comfort services at the fairest price in Chicago and the surrounding areas.


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