Additional Ductless System Options

  • Wireless Remote Operations
  • WiFI Connectivity
  • Timed Start/Stop
  • Dehumidification modes 

Why You Should Install Ductless Air Conditioning & Heating System in your Elmhurst Home or Business


  • Improved energy efficiency: Ductless mini splits have smaller mechanical parts and motors and use less power to operate than split systems. Ductless systems also don’t lose or gain heat through ductwork. This further helps improve energy efficiency.
  • New construction flexibility: If you’re building a new house or remodeling your current one, going ductless removes the space–consuming problems of traditional ducts. With this freed up space you have more freedom of design. Do you have an older home in Elmhurst? We find that ductless systems are fantastic for older homes that simply don’t have space for ducts.
  • Zone control: Each air handler can be operated independent of the other, so you only need to heat and cool the rooms that need it. This is another way that a ductless system can cut down on your energy bills.