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Does your boiler not work as well as it used to? Call the highly trained technicians at Indoor Comfort. We offer boiler repair, services, and installation. Our technicians are on call 24/7 for Emergency Service. They will arrive to your home within a truck with full range tools, comprehensive inventory of genuine manufacturer’s replacement parts. We try and accommodate your busy schedule as best we can. Call us today with any questions or to schedule a service call at:630-381-0645.

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Signs your boiler needs repair in Downers Grove

  1. Loud noises– Loud banging sounds mean there is a problem and it needs to be checked out right away.
  2. The flame is not blue– If the flame is not blue, you need to call professionals right away and get your boiler repaired.
  3. Your Boiler is using more gas than it needs to– If your boiler is using more gas than usual, you should get it checked out. Using more gas can also affect your heating bill.
  4. Boiler pressure is not staying consistent- If the boiler pressure is dropping or rising you should call and get it inspected. This means your boiler is not working correctly.

How to make your boiler last longer

  • Choosing a boiler- Choosing the right boiler for your home is important. Your boiler should match the heat distribution in your home for the best home comfort. The professionals at Indoor Comfort can help you choose a boiler that works in your home.
  • Regular maintenance– Regular maintenance on your boiler will make it last longer. Maintenance inspections will catch small problems that you can get repaired – saving you money.
  • Don’t ignore problems– Taking care of your boiler and getting it repaired will make your boiler last longer. If you let small problems go you may end up having to replace the entire unit.

Boiler Safety

When it comes to working with boilers, it is a lot tricker than dealing with furnaces.  Make sure to follow these safety precautions before you start messing with your boiler:

  1. Keep things that are flammable a couple feet away.
  2. Keep your children away from the boiler system
  3. Inspect your carbon monoxide detectors once a month and replace the batteries regularly.
  4. Have your boiler inspected regularly to ensure it is working efficiently
  5. Pay attention to any unusual sounds or odors coming from your boiler

Always remember that Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling in Downers Grove is ready to help you, if you are unsure of your boiler and boiler safety 

Lower your heating bill in Downers Grove

Following these simple steps can help lower the cost of your heating bills. Make sure you don’t ignore any warning signs that your boiler is breaking. Keeping up with regular maintenance will save you costly repairs.

  • Eliminate all drafts in your home– Eliminating the drafts in your home by sealing the windows and doors will stop cold air from entering.
  • Using the sun to your advantage– Open your blinds and curtains during the day the let the sun heat your home.
  • Regular boiler maintenance checks– Routine inspections ensure the boiler is working efficiently.
  • Programmable thermostat- With a programmable thermostat you can lower your heat while you are not at home.


Let Indoor Comfort take care of all your heating Services!

Call for more information on our rewarding maintenance program tailored to your needs. Let our technicians ensure the safe, reliable, quiet, and uninterrupted operation of your gas/oil furnace, heat pump, geothermal unit, ductless system, boiler, or packaged hybrid heating system.

Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a service call.

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