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For over 15 years Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling has been providing the best air conditioning services in the Hinsdale area!  That is why we are the first contacted air conditioning service that people rely on.  When you trust Indoor Comfort, you trust quality, professionalism, great customer service.  Indoor Comfort employs the best technicians who are continuously training in the best methods of repairing air conditioning units, air conditioning heating combination units, and overall HVAC units regardless of make or model! Relying on Indoor Comfort for your HVAC company you are also relying on:

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Call Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling today and let us prove to you that when we work with air conditioning units you can stay cool the entire summer season in Hinsdale, Illinois.

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Indoor Comfort has earned recognition as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, qualifying us to offer a wide range of the most innovative and rewarding cooling options on the market.  From central air conditioning to heat pumps and ductless models, we put you in complete control over your indoor climate.  These intelligent and adaptable systems answer to the changing requirements within the home, delivering only the precise amount of cooling necessary, for unprecedented energy efficiency, more consistent temperatures, and whisper-quiet operation.

When you need an air conditioner installation done right in Hinsdale, IL, call Indoor Comfort!

Let our licensed technicians provide helpful recommendations, accurate installation, and a project completed quickly and properly.  Our mission is to bring reliable, quality solutions with efficient service done right at an affordable cost to homeowners across the Entire Chicago Market.

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Air Conditioning Contractors Hinsdale

Living in Hinsdale, Illinois we all know that the summers can get hot!  This year alone, we have already had multiple days in a row where the thermostat has climbed above 90.  When temperatures stay that hot for that long, it can put a strain on your air conditioning unit, which can cause it to break easier, faster, or sometimes shut down entirely.  That is why it is important to always have a local air conditioning service you can rely on in Hinsdale to be there when you need it.  Indoor Comfort takes a different approach to helping people with their air conditioning service.  We like to work with people and help them understand their air conditioning unit, this way they can make the best choices for their home and their family.  We work with local homeowners to make sure that they know exactly what is going on with their air conditioning units and take time to explain to them what we are doing. 

Our goal is to help you with your air conditioning however we can!  That is why we want to provide you with as much information about your hvac system including what to look out for so you can spot the warning signs, and different ways you can operate your air conditioning so that you can possibly lower your bill!

Warning Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Be Breaking

There are typically a few warning signs you can spot that will indicate that your air conditioning unit is breaking down.  Recognizing these warning signs will make it easier for you in the end.  When you call a local air conditioning repair service you can avoid the unit breaking down and seizing up in the future which can lead to catastrophic failure, a very costly repair bill, or even having to replace your air conditioning unit altogether.  Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Blowing Cool Air:  If your air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cool air, then this might be a sign that your freon in the unit might need to be replaced.  This is relatively cheap, easy and quick.  However, if you are constantly lowering the thermostat then that means that you are putting more strain on your unit to try and keep up with that temperature setting this will put undue strain on the unit and which can cause it to break down faster than it normally would.
  2. Age of the Air Conditioning Unit:  Most HVAC units will last about 15-20 years depending on the make, model, and the amount of use.  If your Air Conditioning is over 20 years old then it is time to think about replacing the unit. One of the great benefits of replacing is that most air conditioning units will actually save you money because of new energy efficient models that have been developed.  Indoor Comfort can help you choose the best air conditioning unit for your home in Elk Grove Village, so you can cool your home cheaper and faster in the future.
  3. Noises:  The old ways are still the best ways!  If you hear knocking, grinding, or different noises than normal coming from your air conditioning unit then this is a sign that you should get your unit inspected as soon as possible.  Inspection services like clean and checks are always available from any air conditioning service, but only Indoor Comfort can provide you the best multi-point inspection service in the local Hinsdale area!
  4. Little Air Flow:  Sometimes the ductwork might be clogged in your home. If you are noticing one room getting colder than the other, a level of the house getting colder than another, this might be a sign of problems in your ductwork. There can be blockages, dust and more, that is preventing the air flow from coming out consistently for your air conditioning system.
  5. A Foul Smell: A burning smell can mean that insulation wires or cooling coils are overheating or have burnt out.  A smell of rotten eggs in the winter means that there is a gas leak and you should get out of the house as soon as possible. If you are noticing a foul smell in your home call a local air conditioning service as soon as possible because it usually means something bad is happening.


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