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Bensenville Air Conditioning

Summers in Bensenville can get very, very HOT!  Throughout the months of May until September hot temperatures hit and the mercury seems to consistently climb in our thermometers.  This is when a great working and well-maintained air conditioner can actually be a lifesaver.  We use our air conditioners more than any other country around the world.  Now we are spending more and more money trying to make them greener, more efficient, and more affordable to try and help mother earth as much as possible. Owning an air conditioning unit during the summer in Bensenville, Illinois is a definite must, but also is understanding how it works, how much you use it, and ways to save money during operation. Let’s delve deeper into air conditioning and learn more about these life-saving devices.  Contact us today for an in home estimate or repair service. 

Air Conditioning Services Bensenville

Basically, your air conditioner works by taking air in around the unit and cooling it off.  Well, it’s a little more technical than that.  Your air is actually cooled by blowing it over an evaporator coil.  Your machine’s evaporator coil is filled with refrigerant which changes from a liquid to a gas as it removes heat from the air. Refrigerant is then pumped through your cooling coils which actually changes it back to a liquid.  (This is the liquid that forms in your drip pan)  Your air transfers back and forth through these coils by pushing through the compressor.  Air Conditioning units are designed to actually give you three times more air than just using a compressor by itself.

Before Air Conditioning was invented in 1908, cooling was done by a HUGE block of ice.  It was designed to keep the paper in the publisher’s building where it was installed, from expanding and contracting. Therefore we get the unit of a measurement of tons.  “Ton of air” refers to about 12,000 BTU’s.  BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. So for every 12,000 BTU per hour, you run through that is a ton of cooling.  To give you an idea of how this works:  A large home in Bensenville with a large unit goes through 5 tons in an hour.  A small house in Bensenville with a small unit can go through 2 tons per hour.  A window air conditioning unit goes through less than one ton.  

However, the efficiency is different. You will actually spend more money by not using your bigger unit.  Air conditioners are meant to change a room about 20 degrees.  Therefore, adjusting your air conditioning larger than that will actually cost you more money.  So if you think you are saving money by turning off the air conditioning for a day, you aren’t because of the expenditure you will spend on cooling off your place.  More efficient and better models of air conditioning units are designed today to actually remove microorganisms from your in-home air!  

Money Saving Ideas When Running Your Air Conditioning

When it comes to saving money everyone tries to do the best they can.  Living in Bensenville, here are some simple things you can do to lower your air conditioning bill:

  • Don’t Allow the house to get too hot:  Air conditioning units are designed to work best by cooling the house in a difference of 20 degrees.  Therefore, if you think that by not running your unit for a few days and then running it is saving you money, it is not.  Constantly keeping your house a cool comfortable temperature is the best way to save the most money when it comes to your air conditioning.
  • Change your Air Conditioning filter 4 times a year:  Changing your air conditioning filter regularly is a great way to increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning unit.  Change the filter 4 times a year and you will notice a great improvement in how your air conditioning runs and the quality of the air you breathe in your home.
  • Install Ceiling Fans: One of the best ways to reduce costs of cooling your house is to install ceiling fans.  These will actually cool you off faster than your air conditioning unit will.
  • Check your air conditioning coils for Ice: If ice forms on your coils then switch the unit to the fan, this will allow the ice on your coils to melt.  This will save you from having your air conditioning unit overheat and prevent a costly replacement.
  • Close Blinds and Curtains:  Windows that face the sun will allow the most heat into the house.  When Bensenville’s temperature reaches over 100 degrees it is best to keep those curtains and blinds closed.  
  • Have your air conditioning unit inspected yearly:  This is one of the best cost-saving measures you can engage in when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Have your unit checked out, cleaned, tested, and inspected yearly.  The cost of a yearly inspection is a lot less than the thousands you will have to spend when it comes to replacing the entire unit when it closes down.  

Air Conditioning Bensenville

When the summers heat up in Bensenville, there is no doubt that our air conditioners will be on and active as well. In order to save money on your air conditioning unit, you should have it properly examined and maintained over time.  Doing this will not only ensure a cool summer but also help you save some money off your bill during the year.  For great air conditioning services in the local Bensenville area, refer to your Buyer’s Choice: A Guide for Consumers, or keep coming back to this site for more articles and updates to help you learn more about your air conditioning system.

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