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Air Conditioning Repair Roselle

It’s the middle of July in Roselle, Illinois.  It’s 100 degrees for the 3rd day in a row. All the sudden you hear a clunking and a shutter.  Your AC that was blowing suddenly dies off. You wait for it to kick back on, but the familiar feel of the cool air continues not to come.  This nightmare scenario is one that no resident or business in Roselle should ever feel. That is where a professional air conditioning repair company steps in.  Licensed professionals who can make your house bearable again. Indoor Comfort has been repairing and replacing ac units in Roselle, Illinois for over 20 years! Our technicians work with all makes and models and specialize in getting you cool again.  If you air conditioner has gone down then it is time to rely on the professionals in Roselle that will fight the heat for you. When you choose to work with Indoor Comfort you are choosing to work with a business that boasts: 

  • 5 Star rating on Angie’s List
  • A+ Rating with the BBB 
  • Prompt on time appointment settings
  • 20 years experience serving the Roselle area
  • Excellent Reviews on Google and More! 
  • Trusted service working with all makes and models

Get cold again with the professionals at Indoor Comfort.  We are always ready to make sure that your home can get back to normal and that you are cool once more.  We are local to the Roselle area and the surrounding zones so we are known for fast appointments and expert advice.  

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Might Need To Be Serviced In Roselle

Paying attention to these signs can help reduce the need to replace an entire air conditioning system. If you catch problems early on, you will save money by only having to repair the air conditioning unit instead of having to replace it. It is better to fix the small problems before they turn into even bigger ones. 

Air is not as cold

If your air conditioner does not feel as cool anymore or at all, your air conditioner may need to be repaired or replaced. If the air is not as cold it is possible that the system’s air compressor has failed or the Freon levels are too low. If these signs are occurring you may need a new air conditioning unit. 

Little Air Flow

If you notice poor air flow throughout your air conditioning vents, there may be a problem with the units air compressor. If some rooms are cooler than the rest of your house, there may be issues with the air duct. Low air flow can also be a sign that your filter needs to be replaced.  Replacing the filter can help you extend the life of your air conditioning unit and provide your home in Roselle with better and more even air flow. However, if after replacing the filter you still feel that there is an uneven cool to the house or low air flow, let us take a look. 

Thermostat Issues

If you have uneven air flow throughout your home, it may not be from your air conditioning unit. Your thermostat may be the actual problem. If your house is cold on one side and not the other your thermostat may be the problem. 

Unwanted Moisture

Keep an eye out for moisture or leakage around your air conditioning unit. There are two  types of problems that occur when moisture or leakage is found on or near your unit. 

The first is the leak could be refrigerant, causing serious health risks to you and your family. If the air conditioning unit is leaking you should call a service technician right away. The second problem to look out for is pools of water near your unit. This could mean the drain tube is blocked or broken. You should take care of this problem quickly so no other issues arise from it. If you are seeing moisture around your unit call us now. We are local to Rosell and we can diagnose the issue right away. 

Loud Sounds

High pitched or grinding sounds coming from your air conditioner might mean something is severely wrong. Ignoring the sounds could result in having to replace the entire unit. A high pitched sound could mean that the belt on the air conditioning unit needs to be readjusted. Grinding sounds are signs that the motor’s bearings are broken. If you are living in Roselle and hearing these sounds give us a call today!

Unwanted Odors

Unwanted odors in your home could mean that the air conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out. Musty smells could mean there is mold inside your unit and needs to be looked at right away. 

Air Conditioning Repair v Replace in Roselle 

Generally air conditioning systems when properly installed and working smoothly will actually increase the bottom line value of your home.  Homes with two stories that have 2 air conditioning are 60% more likely to sell than 2 story home with only a single unit. This means that you should monitor every year your system and look for these warning signs:

Innovations- Every year it seems like more energy efficient models come on the market.  Replacing your current system with an Energy Star system or another Energy Save system can actually decrease your consumption and spending by another 20%.  This means that potentially you could be saving 50% of what you are spending now.

Age-  Is your air conditioning unit more than 10 years old?  It might work perfectly but it is time to start considering to replace it.  Here is why it is worth the investment. Air Conditioning Efficiency output is measured by a SEER number.  SEER Stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio. This number measures how much energy is being pumped out of your unit through your home.  This year, by law, all air conditioning systems must have a SEER rating of 13. 10 years ago the SEER rating required was 10. This is why if your unit is 10 years old you should consider replacing it.  By having a SEER rating up to code of 13 means that you are actually consuming 30% less energy than you are currently, and you could be saving 30% on your electric bill. These savings add up over time.

Excessive Dust–  If your house is excessively dusty then check no further than your air conditioning filter.  This filter is important because if it becomes blocked or too dusty, then it will wreak havoc in your system.  One of the top 5 reasons air conditioning services are called as reported by air conditioning repair persons in Elk Grove Village, was because people do not change their air filters.

Different Rooms/Different Temperatures– If some rooms in your Roselle home are too hot or too cold than this could be an indication of an inadequate system.  This could also mean that you have a leak in the duct system. If you notice that one room is 20 degrees colder than the one next to it, check to see if the vents are open, air is flowing out.  If it is in both then one room probably has something wrong with it and should be looked at.

Frequent Repairs or More Cost–  If your unit is requiring frequent repairs, ask your local air conditioning repair service in Roselle,  if it is time to replace the unit. If your bills are going up that means that the air conditioning is working harder to reach your desired temperature in the home.  This means you might have a leak in the ducts or low refrigeration fluid. These are warning signs you need your system inspected.

Humidity Problems– Living in Roselle, we know humidity. Humidity problems can actually lead to a lot of problems.  If the walls or ceiling get excessively wet due to humidity or a constant drip appears this could lead to mold.  Air conditioners work by removing heat and humidity from air, so if it is not doing that then the cooling coils might be blocked or need to be replaced.

Air Conditioning Repair Roselle

Whether you need to repair your AC unit or replace it, Indoor Comfort is here for you.  We are the number one air conditioning repair and replace team in Roselle, Illinois and have been here for over 20 years. When you are talking about replacing your air conditioning unit we can be there to recommend the best model and brand for your home.  If you are living in Roselle and notice any of these problems please call us soon and let us come out to take a look. If you ignore the problem or let it continue for too long you can cause catastrophic failure to your system which will force you to get a new one.  

We love Roselle so much that we have dedicated an entire section of our site to the village!  Check out these other articles about HVAC services in Roselle, Illinois and let us teach you about HVAC services so you can make the best decisions for your home when it comes to keeping cool or keeping warm!

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