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Humidifiers and Generators in Addison, Illinois!

Working through the benefits of both and how they can help your home in Addison
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Humidifiers and Generators in Addison, Illinois 

A well rounded HVAC system can include humidifiers and generators.  Most people don’t have either of these things in their home. Many dismiss it saying that they don’t need a humidifier living in Addison because of the humidity already in the area. More people don’t even think about adding a generator to their home.  However, when the weather knocks out the power everyone always wants to use a generator to keep their home going. Addison, Illinois has its share of storms and hail that have knocked the power out in the past. When it comes to thinking about a humidifier or a generator for your home, there are a lot of things to consider but main a cost benefit analysis of what you think is right in the home.  Indoor Comfort is the number one service that installs and maintains humidifiers and generators in Addison, Illinois. We believe in making sure our clients are well taken care of and don’t believe in hard pressure sales tactics. That is what separates us from the other HVAC services in Addison and why our customers keep coming back again and again. So, in that spirit we are going to just lay out the information about a generator or a humidifier in your home.  This way you can make the right choice for you and not be pressured into installing something you don’t think you need. Indoor Comfort is the most relied on service for generators and humidifiers because of our great techs and knowledgeable service. We are also known for: 

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Read below about the reasons for a generator and the humidifier and give us a call. We will also add our expert opinion to whether or not your home in Addison needs one.  However, just so you know reading this…they are both pretty cool. If you are thinking about installing or need a repair on a humidifier or and in home generator call us now or just look for a great generator to pick up call us now:


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Humidifiers Addison 

Humidifiers are systems that attach into your HVAC system.  They can increase the humidity of the air in your home or decrease the humidity in the air. They can help regulate how dry the air you breathe in your own home.  Living in Addison many people say that there is already too much humidity in the air outside, why bring it inside? This might be true for a few months but we their are MANY more drier days during the year than humid.  Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider a humidifier in your home even though you live in Addison: 

Save You Money:  Humidifiers will actually pay for themselves over time.  See humidity can actually trap heat into the air. This is going to allow you to lower the thermostat during the winters in Addison and raise it during the Summer months.  When you do that your system lasts longer and doesn’t have to kick on as much for the temperature fluctuations because it is more consistent. Think about this, a three degree difference in your thermostat can save you 5% on your bills. 

Wood In Your Home:  Even in Addison, homes are made out of wood.  Also, a lot of people have wooden features in their homes.  Wood has moisture in it. So when the moisture is gone from the air it is gone from the wood as well.  This will cause splitting, cracking, and more of the woon in your home. Having a regulated humidity level in your can help solve this problem and prevent it from happening. 

Healthy Living: There are more common medical maladies when you are living in a home that has dry air.  Your frequency of colds, flues, sinus infections increase when it is dry in your home. Humidifiers can help for that. 

Be Selfish:  Finally, it’s your home! You should live as comfortably as possible.  You worked hard, you saved, you invested, if you want a humidifier for your home, By God – Get one!  Feel yourself getting shocked in the Winter whenever you touch anything? Guess what will help that from happening? 

All we’re saying is that the benefits far outweigh the cost of the humidifier especially when you are saving money on your bills as well living in Addison. Home humidifiers are definitely an attractive feature as well for potential future buyers if you ever want to move out of Addison in the future. 

Keep Your Own Light On 

In line Generators and generators are devices that pretty much keep your house powered when the power goes out.  Most people living in Addison generally experience this maddening event when they are trying to open their garage doors and they cannot.  If you have ever felt that frustration then you should consider what a generator might do for you in the future. Here are some more great reasons to consider a generator for your home: 

Medical Devices – If you or anyone in your family or staying in the home is dependent on medical devices that need electricity then every time it storms it can be tense and worrisome. In home generators will make sure that your medical devices will keep running and keep everyone safe

Vacation and Travel – We love Addison, we have been serving the area for over 20 years. However, we een recognize that sometimes, you just have to get away.  With a generator you won’t need to worry about the power going off. You won’t have to think about how much time the power was off when you return. You can go away and truly get away without worrying about anything when you come back!

Keeps Your House Powered:  When you have a generator and the power goes out whether it is storming rain and hail in Addison, or snowing there is no need to panic about losing the food in the fridge, or being able to get into your house. Generators will help keep you going. 

Sump Pumps:  Water damage is the number one destroyer of any home. If you do not have a backup battery sump pump than when the power goes out you are rolling the dice with your basement becoming flooded in Addison. Having a generator in the home will make sure that your sump pump is working just fine when the power goes out. 

Computers and Servers:  Power surges will destroy any electronic device that is plugged in.  Compound this if you are running a business out of your home in Addison.  Having a generator in the house will make sure that your back up and running for your business with minimal issues. 

Generators and Humidifiers Addison

These are just a few reasons to start thinking about investing in a generator or a humidifier for your home.  Indoor Comfort is the number one HVAC service in Addison, Illinois and we can always help you out with installing one whenever you want.  We have worked so much in Addison over the years that we dedicated an entire section on our site to the city! Look for more articles below for HVAC services in Addison, Illinois and learn more about air conditioning and heating and what is right for you.  Call us or fill out the form on this page and we can inspect your unit and recommend the best humidifier or generator that your home needs! 

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