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Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling have been providing the best heating services in Roselle, Illinois area For over 15 years!  Indoor Comfort employs the most knowledgeable technicians who continuously train in the best methods of repairing, installing, and servicing furnaces, boilers and more!  Regardless of make or model, Indoor Comfort is ready to help! When you trust Indoor Comfort, you trust quality, professionalism, great customer service.  Relying on Indoor Comfort for your HVAC company you are also relying on:

  • A 5 Star Rated Business on Facebook
  • On-Time Service And Quick Repairs
  • Over 15 Years Experience Working On All Makes And Models
  • A Business With 4.5 Stars on Google
  • An A+ Rated Business With the BBB 

Call Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling today and let us prove to you that when we work with heating units, boilers, and hot water heaters you can stay warm the entire winter season in Roselle, Illinois!

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Heating Up Roselle, Illinois

Our goal is to help you keep your house warm all winter long, however, we can!  That is why we want to provide you with as much information about your heating system, regardless if it is a furnace or boiler. We want to make sure that your home is well protected against the cold in Roselle. Living in Roselle, Illinois we all know that the winters can get COLD!  We definitely get hit with freezing temperature strings that could last for days.  That is why it is important to always have a local heating service you can rely on in Roselle, Illinois to always be there for you when you need them.

Indoor Comfort takes a different approach to help people with their heating service.  We work with local homeowners to make sure that they know exactly what is going on with their furnaces and boilers and take time to explain to them what we are doing.  We like to work with people and help them understand their heat: how it works, what makes it work, and how it can be improved. This way they can make the best choices for their home and their family.    That is why Indoor Comfort remains the number one heating service in Roselle, Illinois to this day!

Ways To Save Money This Winter!

Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling is always trying to help you save money!  Whether it is the coupons we offer or the way we can help you finance, Indoor Comfort wants to provide you with the best heating services, and not clear out your account.  It is one of the things that we pride ourselves on compared to other heating services in the area!  Not only can you save money choosing Indoor Comfort Heating and Cooling for all of your heating needs, but you can do more to save money this winter and lower your bills.  Try out these money-saving techniques this winter and see how much you can save:

Use A Lower Thermostat Setting:  An old theme joke in movies and cartoons was that you can’t touch the thermostat because dad had it set at the temperature he wanted.  It turns out, “Dad” had the right idea!  You can lower your heating bill 3% per degree over a 24 hour period than what you have it set at.  You can’t beat this!  if you keep your thermostat at 70 degrees normally, you can save 9% overall on your heating bill by setting the thermostat in the home to 67 degrees instead.  You can also save on top of that by using a programmable thermostat!

Shut The Flue– A lot of homes in Roselle have a fireplace. If you are living in one of them, keep the flue closed and sealed when you are not using it.  You would be surprised at the amount of air this lets into your home during the winter!  Since the chimney is a direct pipeline to outside air when the wind blows it is going to go into your home.  Remember you can prevent the flu by shutting the flue!

Window Sealing: One of the worst areas for our homes during the winter is badly sealed windows.  By having a leaking window or door you have to constantly fight against the cold and frigid air coming into your home.  There are a couple ways you can help try and keep cold air coming into your home to a minimum. Firstly, any windows that are facing the sun and most hours of the day keep the blinds open and let the heat of the sun into your home.  Then at night close the blinds and curtains to taper off any air coming in. However, the best way to deal with a leaking window is to get plastic wrap for the winter.  These window kits are cheap, easy to install and are one of the best ways to keep cold air during the winter to come into your home.

Ceiling Fans: Running your ceiling fans on low during the winter in the opposite direction of the summer is actually a useful way to warm up your home.  Since hot air rises and stays toward the top of the room you are forcing the warm into the room downward. This way you are constantly taking the warm air you already have and pushing it downward to make the room warmer without running your heating system!

Furnaces Roselle, Illinois

Those are some ways that you can save on your heating bill this winter with things you can do around the house.  However, when it comes to lowering your heating bill you can definitely change the way your furnace or boiler interacts with your home.

Furnaces run on a simple equation: when the temperature in the home drops to a certain point the furnace runs to bring it back up.  It is really not more complicated than that. When the furnace runs it costs you money.  Therefore, in order to really lower your heating bills this winter in Roselle, you are are going to want to take steps with your furnace which will make sure that it won’t run more than is necessary.  There are definitely things you can do in order to make sure that your furnace runs as little as possible.  More importantly, these steps will also ensure that your furnace lasts longer and doesn’t have to be replaced as quickly over time.

Programmable Thermostats:  Yes programmable thermostats might be a higher investment when it comes to installing your heating system for your home, but you are going to save in the long run by using one!  With a programmable thermostat, you can control the number of times your heater runs and the temperatures in your home.  So when the house is empty, when people are at work or gone you can program the thermostat to lower the temperature in the home.  Then have it slowly rise over time when people are going to be back.  You can also program the thermostat to go down when you are sleeping and then rise back up in the morning.  Here is an interesting fact, you will save more money by slowly bringing the home back to a higher temperature then if you set the thermostat for 50 degrees when you are gone for the day and 68 when you return.  Remember, it is about how long the furnace runs and the number of times.  So by using a programmable thermostat, you are running your unit for shorter times and a lower number of times over the course of a day!  So you can save up to 20% a month off your monthly bills during the winters in Roselle, Illinois by using a programmable thermostat in your home!

Clean the vents and remove anything blocking them:  We get it, we know, decorating for Christmas can be awesome.  Our technicians have seen trees of all shapes and sizes, and awesome decorations in homes around Roselle. However, the placement of the ornamental displays is key as well. If things are blocking or covering your vents, heat can’t get out.  If heat can’t get out, your room can’t warm up.  If your room won’t warm up your thermostat won’t rise and therefore will keep the furnace running until it does.  Make sure the vents in your home are free and clear for the holiday season.

Change Air Filters: Perhaps the most important thing you can do to make your HVAC system last longer and run more smoothly and require fewer service calls is to change the air filters for your system. Air runs through the filter so you can breathe better and avoid health risks.  When the air filter is clogged or covered with dust and other things in the home, air can’t flow through it.  Therefore, your system works harder and longer in order to force air through the filter. This means your unit is running longer, more often, and at a harder pace.  By simply changing the air filter once a month you can extend the ENTIRE LIFE of your HVAC system.  Think of changing the air filter like changing the oil in your car. if your oil doesn’t grease the engine then the car will seize and you will have to get a new car.  Same with your HVAC system.

Seal Heating Ducts: When there is a break in the heating duct, air can’t flow through your home as good as it can.  You can seal the holes in your duct system with – (you guessed it) duct tape. This will make sure the air flow through your home is solid and doesn’t have any issues going forward.

Where You Are Placing Your Thermostat: Being mindful of your thermostat is, is always a good way to try and lower your bills.  If your thermostat is by something warm it will register that warmth and you will never feel like your house is getting warmer.  If it is by something that puts of cold air, then your thermostat will read the room as colder than it is and keep your furnace running.  Just be sure there are no lamps or other devices blowing on the thermostat to throw off its temperature reading.

Duct Insulation: You can lose more than 50% effeciancy with the air flowing through your home in Roselle by not having insulated ducts running through your basement or attic.  Duct insulation can help keep the air in the ducts flowing more consistantly and stronger than if you don’t have it.  If you are not sure, our technicians can tell you and can help you get it so that you can lower your heating bills throuhout the winter.

Remember these tips are not just for lowing your bills some of these problems being taken care of can actually bring you a return as a selling point for your home in the future!  You can make money in the end!

Heating Roselle

Not only is Indoor Comfort dedicated to helping you with your heating service all winter long in Roselle, Illinois we are also dedicated to helping you know more about how your heating works, warning signs on what to look for when it is not, and ways that you can improve your home this winter.  We are the number one HVAC service in the Roselle because we are the number one service looking out for our customers. We have spent the last 15 years building up the trust and reputation necessary to help you always in the future.

We have dedicated an entire section on this site to residents of Roselle, Illinois! Take some time to look through the helpful articles below and you and you can learn more about how to secure your home in the Winter. If you ever need anything call us at


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