Air Conditioning Maintenance Winfield

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Winfield Illinois

When weather turns in Winfield, we have seen cool rainy weather change to 90+ degree heat almost over night. In times like these we become all the more reliant on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool, comfortable and safe. In order to maintain this level of comfort having your A/C system running efficiently is critical. The easiest way to ensure proper working order is the have regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Service for your Winfield Illinois home or business.

Benefits of Having Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Performed:

  • Can help save you, considerable amounts of money and headache by protecting against costly and timeconsuming breakdowns
  • Extends the life of they A/C system or unit
  • Can help Improve air quality in your home or business
  • Ensures your system is cleaned regularly (this is especially important if your A/C is near dandelions or other yard debris.
  • You can contract with an HVAC professional so that you get timely service every year without having to schedule it.

What Repairs Can Be Prevented with Regular Maintenance?

  • Water Leaks
    • Homeowners generally see a water leak and assume its a plumbing problem, but are shocked to learn that the leak could be coming from their air conditioner. You see, condensation collects on the inside coil of your AC. This condensation build up generally drains outside, but if the drain is blocked that moisture will be forced to go elsewhere. During a regularly scheduled maintenance call, our technicians and Indoor Comfort check and clean the condensate drain.
  • Premature Wear & Tear or Low Efficiency 
    • Though this is general, it should be said. The key focus of any A/C Clean and Inspection or Regular Maintenance Plan is to spot accelerated or troublesome wear and tear. By design, there are parts that may need more frequent replacement, but there are ways to slow down wear and tear.
  • Frozen or Damaged Evaporator Coils
    • Frozen or damaged evaporator coils can be caused by low refrigerant, dirty air filters, and issues within the fan motor. During your annual inspection our HVAC technicians will inspect all of these elements to help prevent the malfunction of the evaporator coils later.


What is an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Indoor Comfort Heating and cooling prides ourselves on offering superior customer service along with dependable service. One of the ways we honor that commitment is in the form of our Maintenance Contracts. Through conscientious cleaning, troubleshooting, and adjustment, Indoor Comfort ensures optimum dependability, energy efficiency, air quality, cooling capacity, sound levels, and system longevity.  Our mission is to bring reliable, quality solutions with efficient service done right at an affordable cost. As a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our technicians are extensively trained, regularly updated, and adhere to strict maintenance procedures.  We draw from state-of-the-art diagnostics and genuine manufacturer’s replacement parts to increase the value of your investment, restore peak performance, and fulfill warranty requirements. We perform our maintenance duties twice a year every year you have contract with us. At Indoor Comfort we can provide maintenance plans regardless of brand of A/C system your have. To learn more about our HVAC Maintenance Contract available to Winfield IL., residents be sure to call us at: 847-897-2849


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