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Keeping your cool during the Summer months in Addison, Illinois
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Air Conditioning Addison

Summers in Addison can get very, very HOT!  Throughout the months of May until September hot temperatures hit and the mercury seems to consistently climb in our thermometers.  This is when a great working and well-maintained air conditioner can actually be a lifesaver. We use our air conditioners more than any other country around the world.  Now we are spending more and more money trying to make them greener, more efficient, and more affordable to try and help mother earth as much as possible. Owning an air conditioning unit during the summer in Addison, Illinois is a definite must.  Not only is owning an air condtiioner very important for you home but working with a trusted air conditioning service is also a great idea. Indoor Comfort has been serving Addison, Illinois for all of their air conditioning needs for over 20 years.  Our techs are the best and most knowledgeable in the industry and we are consitiantly training on all makes and models. When you choose to work with Indoor Comfort you are choosing to work with: 

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  • 30 years experience serving the Roselle area
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Saving Your Air Conditioning in Addison


One of the biggest things people worry about is the cost of running their air conditioners during the Summer months in Addison.  There are a few things you can do which will actually save you some money during the Summer in Addison. Air Conditioners are a zero sum game when it comes to money; the more it runs – the more it costs.  Therefore, any steps that you can take to make your system run less will actually save you money in the long run. Here are some ideas on how to beat the heat and the bills at the same time: 

Have your air conditioning unit inspected yearly:  This is one of the best cost-saving measures you can engage in when it comes to your air conditioning unit. Have your unit checked out, cleaned, tested, and inspected yearly.  The cost of a yearly inspection is a lot less than the thousands you will have to spend when it comes to replacing the entire unit when it closes down. 

 Change your Air Conditioning filter:  Changing your air conditioning filter regularly is a great way to increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning unit.  When air is being pushed through the filter and filter is clogged the system has to work harder and longer to cool your house down. That leads to an increase in cost in running your air conditioning unit.  Therefore, the cleaner the filter the better the machine will run. We recommend you get basic filters and change them out once a month. You can get 3 month filters but your filter should be changed no less than 4 times a year! 

Don’t Allow the house to get too hot:  Air conditioning units are designed to work best by cooling the house in a difference of 20 degrees.  Therefore, if you think that by not running your unit for a few days and then running it is saving you money, it is not.  Constantly keeping your house a cool comfortable temperature in Addison, is the best way to consistantly save the most money when it comes to your air conditioning.

Install Ceiling Fans: One of the best ways to reduce the costs of cooling your house in Addison, is to install ceiling fans.  These will actually cool you off faster than your air conditioning unit will.

Check your air conditioning coils for Ice: If ice forms on your coils then switch the unit to the fan, this will allow the ice on your coils to melt.  This will save you from having your air conditioning unit overheat and prevent a costly replacement.

Close Blinds and Curtains:  Windows that face the sun will allow the most heat into the house.  When Addison’s temperature reaches over 100 degrees it is best to keep those curtains and blinds closed.  

Yes, Your Unit In Addison Can Last Longer!

Not only are the tips above a great way to save money but there are also warning signs you should watch for when it comes to your air conditioning unit breaking down so you can make it last longer.  There is more in depth in the air conditioning repair portion on our website, but if you live in Addison look out for these things as well. These are the top 5 reasons Air conditioning services were called out to homes 

Low Refrigeration Fluid– Refrigeration fluid is most commonly referred to as Freon.  Freon is what takes the heat out of the air as it passed through your condenser coils.  Freon needs to be charged in order to work properly. When there is a leak, your unit cannot keep up with demand and it will result in you having to purchase a brand new unit.  Most common ways to tell if your Freon is if you notice will be looking at your unit, or if it takes longer for your air conditioner to reach the desired temperature than it did before.  Every air conditioning service in the country carries freon, especially in Addison, Illinois. Only Indoor Comfort can make sure that it is installed and filled properly for a sweet deal. If you think your air conditioner is leaking freon call us now. 

Faulty Wiring– Faulty wiring can happen to anything.  Sometimes over the years wiring wear out, especially in an air conditioning unit where they might fail due to being improperly installed, stripped, or damaged by the extreme weather during the year.  If you notice improper wiring in your unit call a service immediately, this can actually be a fire hazard to your home

Outside Unit is Not Working– If your outside unit is not blowing heat out of the unit as air transfers through it, then you should get your unit inspected immediately. This will cause the fan to not run, which will put more pressure on the motor and therefore cause a complete collapse of the entire system.Local air conditioning services in Addison sell maintenance plans or have cheap clean and checks which can take care of this for you. 

Faulty Thermostat– Thermostats also need to be inspected to make sure they are working.  Most times when an air conditioner is not turning on we blame the unit outside.  However, most time the problem might be with the thermostat not working to make the air conditioner start.

Like oil in an automobile, changing your air filter regularly (4 times a month) will actually make your air conditioner run smoothly for as long as possible.  If you do not change your filters, dirt, grime, and dust will build up on the cooling coils so air cannot pass through them. It will lead to your system overheating.  It might even cause your water lines to freeze inside the unit. Before you call an air conditioning service, check your air filters first and see if they need replacing.  A 2 dollar air filter is a lot less money than a house call from any air conditioning service.

Local Air Conditioning Services Addison

At the end of the day there is a lot you can do to ensure you AC unit lasts longer and runs cheaper.  However, at a certain point, your unit will break down. Since we live in Addison we know to not get caught on a July day at 100 degrees without an air conditioning system.  If that happens do not try to bear it out, call Indoor Comfort right away. We are local to Addison and can make sure you and your family are protected from the elements. For more great information about all HVAC services in Addison, check out the section on our site we built dedicated to our city! Read more cost saving tips in Winter, or heating repair warning signs! 

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